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Colorado Association of REALTORS® and Carefree Pet bring you savings on pet care!

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Get budget-friendly pet care for your best friend

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Carefree Pet Plus
with Pet Insurance

Starting at
  • Includes Carefree Pet Plus
    24/7 vet telehealth, dynamic pet
    tags and bundled pet discounts
    Save $12.95/month*
  • Pet Insurance
    Powered by MetLife
  • Visit any licensed vet
  • Flexible, customizable plans
  • Accident and Illness coverage
  • Routine Care Benefit option**
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Carefree Pet Plus

Get big, bundled
discounts to keep all pets
in your home happy and

Starting at $24.95
22.45/mo 10% discount applied
  • Includes Carefree Pet
    Dynamic pet tags and pet profiles
  • Carefree Virtual Vet
    Unlimited, 24/7 pet expert
    support by phone or video.
  • Pet Warranty
    Get up to $1500 in pet damage reimbursements annually
  • Carefree PetRx
    Save money on pet meds and supplies
  • Wigglepon
    Members-only coupon mall for
    everyday pet savings.
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Carefree Pet

Give your pet their own ID tag, so
it's easier for them to get home if
they lose their way.

Starting at $9.99
8.99/mo 10% discount applied
    $4.99/mo each additional pet
  • CarefreePinner
    Dynamic pet tag with
    geo-location notifications
  • Carefree PetCloud
    Manage your pet’s profile and
    health records in
    one place